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What is a Political Action Committee?

A political action committee (or PAC) is a group of individuals who come together to support a common political cause.  Some PACs endorse candidates, some do not. All are established through and answerable to the Federal Election Committee who holds each PAC accountable for their actions. RVTX PAC is a federal PAC, giving us the ability to endorse not only local and state races, but also federal races.

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who is republican voters of texas PAC?

Unlike other area political action committees, Republican Voters of Texas PAC has a LARGE Advisory Board of over 100 active local Republicans. As a whole, we represent a BROADER view particularly of local and county politics.  Our vetting decisions are not just the thoughts of a small handful, but the voice of a large number of active common sense conservative community members who involve themselves across the county.

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what does republican voters of texas PAC value?

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We are COMMON SENSE CONSERVATIVES. Period. In a world of political skirmishes even within the party itself, especially, we long for unity and a chance to truly further the Republican cause. We endorse candidates who are STRONGLY REPUBLICAN (we do not and will never and never have endorsed Democrats), active in their community (no unknowns), and are WELL QUALIFIED for the office that they seek.  Character matters. Period.

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