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The County Controversy

If you are even having to come to this page to read up on this, we apologize up front. Things are NOT as they should be. Life should be lived such that we win friends and influence people, but sometimes in doing so, you can still have those who don't like you.

There is a long back history to much of the current controversy in the county. In 2018, Republican Voters of Texas PAC formed in part because there was a huge need to UNIFY the County Party and encourage a higher level of INTEGRITY amongst elected officials.  And, to a large degree, RVTX PAC has encouraged and mostly succeeded in keeping in office those of integrity and putting in new folks where there were issues or unqualified or unethical candidates were running. We believe in campaigning with integrity and that each candidate should run of their own merit and we do not tolerate ill behavior at the polls or online from our endorsed candidates.

Each Republican Primary it seems that there are one or two critical races that require the most attention.  In this 2024 Primary, it is the Montgomery County Republican Party Chair race and the Precinct Chair races.

Why are these races critical?

The role of the Precinct Chair is the smallest yet perhaps most important role in the Party. These people not only get out the vote and serve as your election judges to help maintain election integrity, they also serve on the Montgomery County Republican Party County Executive Committee (aka CEC) where they determine the FLAVOR OF REPUBLICANISM in our county.

The role of the County Chair is to oversee the County Executive Committee, to lead the county to get out the vote, and to report candidates to the State who want to be on the ballot, amongst many other small roles.

This may seem unimportant, but when these small elected officials at these lower levels begin to pursue power, control, and their own agendas, things go very haywire.

These roles control directly and indirectly what gets into the Republican Platform, which affects the ENTIRE NATION.

These roles could in the wrong hands control, but currently do not, who is ALLOWED ON THE BALLOT.

These roles could determine in the wrong hands, who is allowed on the ballot in the local REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. (There was pressure this primary to keep a sheriff candidate some folks didn't like off the ballot.)

These roles determine the flavor of REPUBLICANISM in your county. This is not a made up controversy.  It's real. Do your research.



PEOPLE WHO FIGHT FOR LIFE & LIBERTY instead of personal agenda?

Republican Voters of Texas PAC has many Advisory Board members who are also Precinct Chairs. In that role, each Precinct Chair does not represent the PAC, but their own ideals and those of their constituents. 

But, as RVTX PAC, we do have a position on the controversy. We are interested above all in PARTY UNITY. We are interested in PARTY ETHICS. We are interested in members of the County Executive Committee being people known for not only taking positive action, but GETTING ALONG WITH OTHERS so we can promote REPUBLICANISM.

In this 2024 Primary, we have strongly endorsed Bryan Christ for Republican County Chairman because we believe in the ideals Mr. Christ stands for. Don't believe everything you hear. 

We believe that the County Chairman should continue to be an ELECTED POSITION BY THE VOTER. This is being slowly taken away in many counties. (Want more info on this -ask.)

We believe that the County Chairman ELECTED BY THE VOTER whose job is to register those who want to be on the ballot, should allow anyone who legally applies to be on the ballot to be on the ballot and LET THE VOTER DECIDE WHO IS TRULY REPUBLICAN.

As a PAC, Republican Voters of Texas PAC stands behind your right to VOTE as the VOTER, your right to a VOICE in the Republican Party. 

For many years, opposing factions have told Republican Voters of Texas PAC that we do not have the right to use the word Republican in our name and that we are using the term to mislead others to think we are the Party itself.  Republican Chairman James Dickey said otherwise, as do we. We are simply COMMON SENSE Republicans. 

RVTX PAC ENDORED Incumbent Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman, Bryan Christ receiving the Standing in the Gap Award from the TRCCA Texas Republican County Chair Association.

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