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the republican Voters of texas pac ADVISORY BOARD

The Republican Voters of Texas PAC started as a small group of concerned local Montgomery County Republicans in 2018 and quickly grew to a LARGE group of local Montgomery County Republicans.  Our Advisory Board is now made up of over 100 members, all local COMMON SENSE CONSERVATIVES.

Unlike other local political action committees who have small vetting boards who represent only a small portion of their membership, Republican Voters of Texas PAC has  an ENORMOUS Advisory Board.  This is on purpose. We want our Advisory Board to ALL have an equal say when it comes to vetting candidates.  Every Advisory Board member has one equal vote, including our Treasurer and others who do a lot of the behind the scenes work. This gives YOU THE VOTER a BROAD Republican view regarding candidates on the ballot. And each Advisory Board member has the freedom to be as involved as they want in the day to day operations of the PAC.

If you have questions about our leadership, we invite you to research. They are who they say they are and their voting records speak for themselves.  We expect that our Advisory Board members also be strongly Republican, active in their communities, and qualified in the sense that they grasp and study local, state, and federal politics in order to be appropriately knowledgeable to do their job.  And we expect them to be folks who are known in the community for playing well with others, because that's what leaders should do. You will find all our leadership is somehow involved in other ways in their communities. That is what qualifies them in terms of character - they are servant leaders throughout the county. They do not live and breathe politics - they pour life and breath back into the community. 

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Executive Leadership board

Linda Stuckey, Treasurer, Founding Member

Susan Johnson, Founding Member

Annette Kerr

Mimi Barreras

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Leadership council

The Executive Team plus:

Karen Darcy

Charlie Parada

Dorothy Woodall

Patti Moore

Jamie Metts

Scott Baker

Steve Ebel

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